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Mr Chamberiln

Franchise@50 is led by Robert Chamberlin, an experienced entrepreneur and franchisee. Mr. Chamberlin has founded and operated 3 small businesses since 2004 and has successfully exited from two of those companies. He continues to own and operate Security 101 franchises in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento.

Mr. Chamberlin began to be interested in a franchise after selling much of his ownership in DataXoom, a company he co-founded in 2012. Then at age 52, Chamberlin considered several career options at the time, including returning to the workforce as a senior sales and marketing executive. As he considered a few options in technology that would leverage his experience as a sales leader and entrepreneur, he was surprised to encounter an underlying element of ageism in his search. While he did not consider himself “old” by many standards, it was clear that a 50+ year old executive was not what most technology companies were searching for.

As Chamberlin began thinking about starting another business and being his own boss again, he realized that he did not have the time or energy to start another business from scratch. That is where the idea of Franchise@50 really was formed.

Chamberlin enlisted the help of a qualified franchise consultant to help him identify and analyze possible franchise opportunities. After considering more than 20 different franchise concepts, he narrowed his list of possibilities down to 5 potential franchises. He then visited each of these companies at their headquarters and met with Senior Leaders at each at events known as “Discovery Days”.

In early 2019 Chamberlin decided to purchase the rights to three territories in the Bay Area with Security 101, a commercial security integrator based in West Palm Beach, Florida. He later purchased the adjoining Sacramento territory as well, securing the entire Northern California market with the franchisor. In his estimation Security 101 offered the most financial upside and lowest risk of the various franchising opportunities that he considered.

Chamberlin and his local Security 101 Team quickly earned “Rookie of the Year” designation as the fastest-growing new branch in Security 101’s network. While he remains focused on growing his security business, Chamberlin’s passion for sharing the joys of small business ownership led him to start Franchise@50 in 2021.

Franchise@50 exists to help you thoroughly consider all aspects of small business ownership. We are compensated directly by the franchisors that we partner with nationally, so there is never a fee to utilize our services. Mr. Chamberlin’s extensive entrepreneurial experience, including owning and operating a franchise, makes our value proposition unique in the world of franchise consulting. Contact us today to begin your journey to business ownership!

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