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Franchise@50 uses a consultative process to help our clients analyze various franchise opportunities. Our team is led by a long-time entrepreneur who has founded several small businesses and operates a franchise in multiple geographies currently. He has also worked with other CEOs as a consultant, maintains a LinkedIn network of over 5,000 C-level executives, and also serves as a board member/advisor. This level of entrepreneurial experience is unique in the franchise consulting industry and will help you make more informed choices about your journey into small business ownership.

Franchise@50 is typically compensated through a fee agreement with the brands/franchisors that we represent nationally, so there are no fees associated with our services for our clients.

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Entrepreneurial Assessment

We take a consultative approach with our clients in an initial informational session, usually via a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting. This first meeting gives us an opportunity to meet each other, for us to understand your background, financial goals & objectives, and your reasons for pursuing business ownership through a franchise arrangement.

Why Franchising?

Based on our principal’s experience of owning and operating both franchises and self-funded small businesses, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of franchise ownership to ensure that it is the right way for you to pursue business ownership.

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Discuss & evaluate background, interests, and search criteria

We will seek to understand your background and interests that you’ve traditionally had outside of the workplace. Could you pursue a career in an industry you’re truly passionate about, or have always been interest in? Are you interested in a “side hustle” or absentee ownership, or a full-time position? Are you better suited for a business to business (B2B) franchise concept, or something that serves consumers directly? Once we have socialized various ideas that may be worth pursuing, we will begin our work to vet out possible opportunities for you with leading and emerging franchise concepts.

Selection criteria: market opportunity, costs, competition

As we are reviewing various franchises for your consideration, we will consider both upside and downside potential with the various brands and discuss macro-trends that may help inform your decisions. How many territories are open? How are other franchisees performing? What type of support will corporate (the franchisor) provide to ensure  your success? What competitive advantages does the brand have vs. current or future competitors? We will answer these questions and more as we continue our process.

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Once we have completed our initial assessment and consultation, it is time to move into our roles as connectors. Initially we will connect you to interesting franchise brands, their management teams and other franchise owners. Assuming everything goes well throughout our franchise investigation, we will later introduce you to attorneys and financial/funding advisors to help make your vision of business ownership a reality.

Introductions & Discovery

One of the most important decision criteria for a franchise investment is your evaluation of the management team running the franchisor. You should plan on talking to several current franchisees at various points in their respective company’s growth path. We will help you develop a gameplan to make these discussions as instructive as possible for you as a prospective franchisee.

Towards the end of your evaluation process, you will attend “Discovery Days” with the brands that have impressed you the most during this process. Discovery Days allow you to meet key company executives in person and better understand the franchisor’s processes, systems and support of its franchise network.

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Opportunity Analysis & Review

At the end of these steps, you will be highly educated on many interesting franchise concepts and will be able to compare and contrast the opportunities that each offer to you as a prospective franchisee. Whether you are looking for a full-time opportunity or an absentee owner model, we will help you to analyze each investment opportunity and guide you to make the best possible decision on your future!

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