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Seasonal Franchise Opportunities

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

It doesn't matter if you're looking for seasonal franchise ideas or a seasonal business to start this year, there are many seasonal franchises that provide year-round services. Whether you're looking for a part time business, an add on revenue stream or something to do when the weather gets cold and grey outside - there's likely one waiting.

A seasonal franchise provides a unique opportunity to an aspiring entrepreneur. They can build their own business while working within the confines of seasonal demand. A huge perk is that they can be run part time or full time, which means a franchisee running a traditionally seasonal franchise will have more flexibility when it comes to making money and increasing their industry expertise.

To find the best seasonal franchise idea for you it is important to do your research before committing time and money into a seasonal business. Use resources like Franchise@50 to find seasonal business opportunities that match your interests and needs as well as what you're looking for in a seasonal franchise opportunity such as location, price or company size. By utilizing our seasonal franchise data, you can get a sense for what seasonal businesses are out there, the needs they fulfill and if it it something you would be interested in owning.

Some notable examples of seasonal franchise businesses include tax preparation (needed all year but peak busy around April 15th), tutoring during exam season (May 1st through July 31st) and yard maintenance services like lawn care, where seasonal demand depends primarily on location. These types of businesses can however be done anytime due their increasing flexibility, which makes them perfect additions into your schedule no matter what.

Tax Preparation

The four seasons may be well-known to you, but there's a fifth for number crunchers: tax season. Tax preparation firms can operate all year round, but their peak demand occurs in the months leading up to the deadline for annual state and federal taxes. According to, the tax preparation services market is worth $10.8 billion, with 50% of United States tax filers using the services of professional taxpayers. Franchises like ATAX and Liberty Tax find themselves providing year-round support to their clients, and even more during tax season.

Home Care

Exterior home care companies are always in high demand and presumed to be recession-proof. Deck Medic franchisees focus on deck repair, restoration, maintenance, and staining for exterior surfaces like siding or shingles, whereas Power Washing assists homeowners in keeping their properties clean by cleaning driveways/paths of excess dirt that can cause flooding. Shine also provides window washing services, but it's more than simply that; however, holiday decoration service is also available, so if you're considering expanding your company reach, this multi-purpose opportunity might be the solution.

Like Deck Medic, these seasonal opportunities are considered recession-proof as they maintain consistent demand throughout different seasons of the year. They offer a variety of services which allow for potential revenue streams regardless of the weather. This seasonal opportunity has employees working regardless of what season it is, with opportunities for revenue during all seasons throughout the year.

Tutoring Centers

Mathnasium and Kumon provide tutoring during the school year and summer programs, as well. Mathnasium provides both after-school tutoring as well as the opportunity to practice math abilities over the summer. Similarly, Kumon provides instruction throughout the school year and in the summer.

Pest Control

What goes together with summer? Mosquitoes. These insects can make a pleasant summer evening into an itchy and vexing experience. This is why business such as Mosquito Squad and Mosquito Hunters are so popular during the summer months.

Pool Maintenance Services

A pool doesn't guarantee that you'll relax all the time. Keeping a pool in good working order and clean requires a lot of upkeep. That's where Pool Scouts comes in handy. Pool Scouts provides several services, including cleaning, opening, and closing pools. Franchisees enjoy reduced operational start-up costs, recurring revenue models, and seasonal business opportunities.

Bars and Specialty Restaurants

Crowds of people come to bars and restaurants during the summer months, but seasonal opportunities don't end there: wintertime brings with it a seasonal spirit that we all know well - the Holiday Season! During this festive time of the year, seasonal businesses like Mrs. Fields operate at full capacity in order to satisfy customer demand for seasonal products.

Seasonal businesses can help you diversify your existing approach to small business ownership, or simply add another source of income to your schedule. Seasonal franchises are fantastic alternatives for those seeking a low-cost of-entry and recurring revenue possibilities, as they allow you to grow during the business's busy season, while maintaining consistent demand throughout the year.


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